1879 P. J. Pauly Bid

The Nemaha County Historical Society has a photocopy of the original bid by P. J. Pauly for a new jail using the Pauly jail cells.

Seneca Kansas, June 2d 1879

Hon Board of County Commissioners of Nemaha County


We propose to furnish all the

material and labor and build the Jail accord

to our plans and specifications with four CE

 in two tiers, Holding 4 prisoners each 5 foot

corridors including all the attachment for the

sum of Ten thousand Six hundred and

forty three dollars. Two of the cells to be

latched with our Patent bar and two of the

cells not to be latched though using our

patent bar for the Corridor door and [rea]


OR We propose to build the building as

Above with three cells all of our best

Work in one tier with 5 foot corridors

Holding 4 prisoners each, with all the

attachments for the sum of Nine Thousand,

Nine hundred and Forty three dollars

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Or, We propose to build the building as

within with two of our Best Cell holding

4 prisoners each for the sum of Nine Thousand

Three Hundred and Forty Three Dollars

In no case do we ask you one cent

O pay for the cells & iron work until

You accept the same and satisfy yourselves

That our cellwork is proof against

Saws & files and that it is perfect in

All respects as represented by us.

Respectfully yours

P. J. Pauly & Bro

[PR C L Wendt & Co]

General Agents

With a 4 or 2 cell job the cell room will

4 feet less in length and with a 3 cell job the cell room will be 2 ½ feet longer that the plans sh[ow]

And one story for three or two cells

P. J. Pauly & Bro

C L Wendt & [Bro] agents