1879 Jail and Residence Specifications

NOTE: Portions of this document were nearly illegible. This transcription is a best effort but may contain errors.

1879 Jail and Residence Specifications

of work and material required in the construction
of a Jail building consisting of Jailors residence
Female Cell & Insane Cell, and large Cell Room
to be erected in the city of Seneca County of Nemaha
state of Kansas according to the specifications
and accompanying drawings

General Description
The bldg to be of brick with
stone foundation. To have cellar under jailors
residence only. Building to be 2 storys the Cell
room to be one story.
The entire front of bldg to be 31.”8” by a total depth
of 41:1” 51:11”
For furthere particulars refer to plans & elevations

All earth to be dug the necessary width
and extent required to receive foundation walls
footings for the formations of cellars area &ct
For depth of cellars &c refer to plans & section
Sufficient quantity of earth to be used in grading
ground around the buldg as may be directed by
the county commissioners or superintendent
All superfluous earth to be carted away form
premises also all other rubbish
Bottom of all trenches for footing courses to be made
perfectly level and of sufficient width to allow men

page 2
to work in easily
There will be hole dug for cistern as may be directed
also for cesspool as may be directed by commissioners
or superintendent

All stone used in foundations &c. to be of
the best quality of limestone. To be laid in best
line and sand mortar.
All footing courses to be 8” thick each source to be 12”
wider than preceeding one There will be three courses to
all walls. The courses for residence walls to be thus
respectively 8” x 2’6”, 8” x 3’6” & 8” x 4’6:
For the cellroom walls respectively 8” x 3’0”, 8” x 4’0”
& 8” x 5’0” Bottom courses to be well bedded & every stone
to extend to centre of wall. Top course stone of footing course
to be through stone. All is to be laid on their natural
[treds] in good line and sand mortar. All interstices
to be well filled in with [spauls] and mortar.
All foundation walls to be of size and hight as sown
on plans and section. All walls up to level of ground
to be of good [rubble[ work. No stone to be more on the]
face than 1/3 the thickness of wall. Every stone to be
laid on its natural bed. All interstices to be well
filled in with spauls & mortar & well slashed joints
both in & outside of walls. Every three feet there will
be a through stone. All stone to be laid in good line
and sand mortar. Arches to be sprung where shown
all walls to be well bonded together to be guilt neat
plumb & level

page 3
Range Work
All stone work above ground to be laid
in regular courses ranging form 8” to 12” in thickness
and to be pitched faced with neat joints. All joints
to be straight and plumb. The last course to have [was]
cut on same thus 3” x 3” Stones to be neatly
pitched off around openings. Last course of stone
extending over basement windows to be 8” longer than
width of opening to form cap. Mortar joints to be
scraped out on outside & not to be more than 3/8” and
neatly pointed in cement

To have [?] concrete under entire cells composed of
[spackle] & mortar To be thoroughly mixed Mortar to be
1/3 cement. TO be good & substantial work.

Window Sills &c
All the windows throughout to
have 5” x 9” sills thus and to be 6” six inches
longer than width of opening. The top of sill to have
a wash or level cock on same of 3/8: & to be drove
to be neatly bush hammered work
Doors to have sills to be 6” six inches longer than
width of opening the face to be same thickness as
last course of range work. All doors sills to be bush
hammered and a 5/8 bevel cut on same these sills to be
15” wide
The steps on side to be made of stone to be 7” rise
x 10” tread and as shown on plans and elevations
All to be bush hammered work.
All the above described cut stone work to be of the
best stone that can be obtained in vicinity of bldg

page 4
To have proper beds for stone and cellar work to be
neatly set. All corners to be full and square to flag
stone to be allowed
To have one large step, going from hall to cellroom
To be of same material and workmanship as above work
to be 7” x 15” x 3’6” all properly set.

Brick Work
All brick through to be of
best well burned merchantable brick. All brick to be
laid in good line and and mortar The brick used
for exterior work to be of uniform dark red & even color.
All outside walls of Cell room to be hollow walls thus
to be made of sizes as shown on plans. To be well bonded
with headers every sixth course. Every sixth brick with
heading course to be clipped out so as to [clair] pass into
roof. In building the walls the 4 1/2 walls is to be built
to the outside and the joints in hollow space to be s[et]
flush also the inside of bldg. The outside work to be
neatly pointed and no joint to exceed 3/*”in width
Archers to be turned over all openings (on inside) to have
proper lintles for all openings Wood brick to be put
in where directed by carpenter
Residence walls to be built as shown on plans elevations
and section. All work to be neatly pointed and all exterior
bricks to be of an even dark red color. All joints to be
neatly struck. All walls to be carried up perfectly
plumb and level.
NO wall to be carried up more than one scaffold high

page 5
before the adjacent walls are carried
Recesses to be left in wall for [soil] and supply pipes
All brick through to be laid in good line and sand
mortar and all to be thoroughly slushed and grouted
Flues to be built where shown. Brick mason is to set
& furnish tiling flue 10” diameter in the clear in the
stack as shown. All flues topped out asper elevation
The sockets of tiling flue to be well cemented and the
pipes to be fastened with galvanized iron anchors
This tiling pipe to be set inside of a square brick flue
and brick flue to be free form obstruction.
The inside of cell room to be flush jointed and well
[rubbed]. This room will not be plastered.
Cesspool to be 8’0” diam. by 10:0” deep and to be lined
with 9” of brick laid dry. To be arched over top with 9” of
brick laid in cement. To have 6” thick cap stone over same
neatly dressed and to have a hole large enough on same
to receive foul air shaft.
All above described work to be done in the best and
most workmanlike manner.
Brick layer to furnish necessary 6” ch of iron [thin?]
for all flues. Last three courses of brick on chimney to [pass]
fire wall to be laid in good cement mortar.
To have net [dental] brick cornice on jail room Bldg. as shown
on elevation with stop block
Cell room to be paved with best hard burnt brick laid
flatwise on 2” of sand & well tampered.
To have proper foundation for portico posts
Brick contractor to set all ventilating grates furnished by
iron contractor

page 6
Carpenter Work
The carpenter is to furnish & set
stakes centers & etc
The carpenter work includes all and every kind of [?]
work required in the construction of said bldg as shown
on plans elevations and sections and according to these
specifications or as may be directed by the superintendent

Timber and Framing
All joists in first and second story to be 2” x 10” braced
with [course] of [?] bridging 1” x 3” through the centre of
each lien of joists. All joists to be spaced 16” from centres
Ceiling joists to be 2” x 6” set 16” from centres.
Trimmers for flues stairways and other purposes to be
framed double thickness All lintels required to be made
of 2”x6” spaced thoroughly together the required width
to cover opening Cell room ceiling joists to be 2” x 6”
All trimmer be well framed or spiked together as the
case may be All the wall plates to be 2” x 8” and to be
placed to [receive] all rafters
Rafter [?] to be 2” x 6” placed 2 feet from centres
and [?] spiked to wall plates
[?] beam [?} to section for truss 8” x 10” rafter
[?] Heels of truss to be [shorter]
widt 3/4” [? Two of these as each heel
to [?] [lo?ts] placed where required.

to be covered with such quality of pine sheathing
[barriers] [there] [?bly} [secured[ ? to be laid [close] and
[Seals] make of the [?] to rafters [?] board to be

page 7
over 10? in width all to be done in the best workmanlike

For general descriptions of portico refer
to plans and elevations posts to be 10” x 10” neatly
moulded caps & bases Cornice as shown with bracket
Posts to be chansfered Underside of portico to be covered
with best quality pine of ceiling stuff laid close & level
(tongue & grooved & secret nailed to every joist. All to
be done in the most complete manner. Floor of
portico to be of best tongue & grooved white pine
flooring board 1” thick secret nailed to every joists
Ceiling boards to be 7’* thick All to be thoroughly season
free form loose knots sap & other imperfections
Roof of portico to be covered with white pine sheathing
board laid close & level Boards to be thoroughly season
& free fro knots &c.
slips of portico to be as shown on elevation & plans

All ceilings in first & second story of
residence and female & insane cells to be lathed with
best quality of throughly season white pine laths &
to be done in a substantial and workmanlike manner
all walls and ceiling of residence (excepting insane and
female cells) to receive two coats of brown mortar put

page 8
true and level and finishing coat or 3d coat to be of
plaster of paris well trowelled
Female & insane cells to receive [?} coats of brown
mortar last coat neatly floated off.
All to be done in the most substantial and workmanlike
manner All mortar to be of fresh burned lime and
clean [?] sharp sand.

Galvanized Iron

The residence to be surmounted with
[neat] galvonized iron cornice as shown on elevations
To be made of half sheet galvanized iron free from
buckles, knicks joints to be riveted with button head
rivets. All corners to be cross lugged on inside cell then
roughly soldered. No open joints allowed, & all to be
fastened to their respective lookout. &c.
To be done in the best workmanlike manner
To have galvanized iron [?] under caps of up[stairs] [?] [pattern] for
windows or [?]

Tin Work
All roof of residence, jail bldg & portico
to be covered with best quality of 1X roofing plated
standing grooves and be well cleated and soldered.
[Use] edges of collars [solderedence] to be thoroughly soldered.
There will be an [O. J.] gutter placed on brick cornice of
jail bldge to be well fastened with galvanized iron
straps long three feet [?47} downspout to be 4. in diameter
and placed as nature of work requires or as may be
decided by superintendent to have all proper flashing

page 9
round chimneys walls etc to be done in the best manner
Tinner to set ventilating caps with are furnished by
iron contractor
TO have small gutter & downspout for portico at on in
same manner as others above described
All win work to be of 1x tin to be done in best & most
workmanlike manner [?] as may be directed by the
superintendent. Ten roofing to receive one coat of [nine]
paint on underside by [reshing laid]

To be constructed where directed. To be 8:0” dia
and 1[1] ft deep top of arch to be 2 ft below grade line.
To be laid up with 9” walls of extra hard burned
brick laid in line and sand mortar cistern to be covered
with 9” arch coating to be 1” thick of [concrete] mortar
Bottom also in cement and amount to put on in tow coa[ts]
to have [m?] &c and proper cap & holds &c To have
overflow pipe to connect with 8” pipe.
Described to be done in a [complete] manner and approv[al]
by the superintendent.

Windows and Doors
All windows throughout residence
femal cell & insance included to be box frames, [draws]
pulleys, sash and wights & cords Frames [a g mounts]
and 1” thick last to be 8 [lights] 14: x 18” glass, 1 3/8” thick
sash, [Legrund] lead frames

page 10
Casework windows to have 2” plank frames to be
2 lights and 14” x 18” glass
Frames to cell room to be 2” plank frame to be south
windows as shown each window to be lights 8” x 12” glass
Sash to be 1 3/8” thick

Outside doors to be 2:5” x 6:5” four panel [og]
molded sails & styles. TO be 1 5/8 thick being to a 2”
rshetted plank frame to have transoms above to bri[ng]
with and hight as with windows.
All inside soors to be 2:8” x 6:5” 1 1/8” thick four pane
[?] and sytles. All to be hung to a [draftable]
plank frame
There will be a plain door leading from hall to cellar
made to correspond with surrounding doors
There will be a plain 2” plank folding door to coal sluice
Doors to Female & Insane cells to be 2: x 6:0” 1 5/8”
neat panel as above described doors.

All doors to be hung on [loose p?] bolts & secured
with bet [strengthin] locks sash fastener for windows in
residence and all hardware to be furnished as required to make
bldg complete

Inside Finish
For [?] windows and doors
of residence to be plain 6: with og moulding to mitre
with top mould of base around doors. Base to be through
out to be 8” with mouldens on top to have plain stools

page 11
and aprons for windows.
Cell room windows to be plain 1” x 6” casing
bevelled edge. To have neat moulded panel between
windows sink in kitchen to be boxed u neatly
with [?atched] boards.

Flooring and Ceiling
The entire floors throughout
residence to be laid with 7/8” mill worked flooring
boards well [spaced 2nd quality free from loose
knots &c. and to be secret [sealed] to every joist
The ceiling of cell room to be covered with 7/* tongued
& groved ceiling stuff. 2nd quality well seasoned & secret
to every joist. All lumber to be thoroughly seasoned
free from loose knots & other imperfections The work
to be done in the most workmanlike manner
Side of in hall to be boarded with same stuff s ceiling
mill worked boards done in a neat manner.

The cellar stairs to be open risers 2” plan tread
to rest on two strong carriages to have plain [newel] post
and hand rail.
Stairs from 1st to 2nd story to have 7/8” riser & 1” thick
tread to rest on two strong carriages to be not less than
4” at the weakest point treads to have nosings worked

page 12
[cellar stairs] into wall stringer and furnished with
[?] Stairs to be surrounded
with a plain 2” handrail 1 3/8” turned balisters
with 1” [?] post. Rail and balisters to
[?] 2nd story.

[?] and [?]
[?] roofs, gutters
[?] to be painted [and made] of [manners]
[?] work [?ualtly] painted to recive
three coats of white lead in [?] linseed oil and
of such tints as may be [?] by the superintendent
[?] of white
lead [?] put on thick

all glass throughout to best [?] manner
[?] and to be well bedded trimed
and [back] putt[ied] [?[ to be [?] [?]
or [fl?] one [?]

page 13
There will be a 6” ventified clay pipe
[?] from [/} kitchen, female & insane cells
to so need with [?] pipe from rear of bldg which
[in] [8”] to continue then to cess pool All pipes to be well
laid with [a fall] of 3[?] to the foot [? ] of the
[?] [?] All pipes to be good and sound [tread]
All necessary T’s & elbows placed as here required.

General Conditions
On case of any additions, abbreviations alterations of plans
to specifications may be required having the construction
of said bldg [license] shall be consented to by the contractor
and carried into effect.
The contractor is required to furnish perform & provide at
his own cost & [?] all & every kind of labor and material
to good sound quality & inspection required together
with all goods and [cartage] loads tackle etc which may be
necessary for the proper execution erection and completion into
sound & workmanlike manner so as to carry out the plans eleva
tions [?] drawings to the true [intended[ mean
ing of this specification Also the same without [?] [?]
to the county & delivery said bldg in as clear and [tensatable]
conditions on or before the 16 day of __ 18 __ AD
And anything not shown or specifications by aforesaid
plans or specifications such as setting iron doors windows
etc. to [?] to make the bldg complete in every
P. J. Pauly & Bro
pr C. L. Wundt & Co
General Agents