Meeting Minutes – October 2013

Nemaha County Historical Society

Minutes of Reorganizational Meeting of Board of Directors

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The reorganizational meeting of the Board of Directors of the Nemaha County Historical Society was called to order by President Anita Heiman. Those in attendance were Diane Rottinghaus, Alma Ackerman, Anita Heiman, Raymond Thieme, Greg Newlin, Joyce Olberding, and Patty Byers.

 Minutes of the September meeting were recorded on the Historical Society computer.

Raymond moved and Joyce seconded a motion to approve as corrected the Sponsor Letters for the 2014 Golf Tournament and Tractor Cruise. Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer Raymond Thieme submitted the Financial Report for the first quarter, with an ending balance of $13,842.16 plus total investments of $55,000.00. Alma moved and Joyce seconded a motion to approve the Financial Report as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

It was reported that DarlAnn Rial has taken care of the IRS 990 and Form 1128 report filings, plus the Kansas Annual Report Filing.

 Under Reports:

Alma Ackerman reported that we currently have 62 lifetime memberships, 42 corporate memberships, and 49 individual memberships paid for 2014.

Joyce Olberding reported that the Memorial for Chris Lauer is currently $675.

Anita Heiman reported that Dorothy Pearl Murphy conducts research at the Historical Museum every Wednesday, and Mary Steinlage comes in each Wednesday as well.

Greg Newlin reported that he is currently working on an idea from Chris Lauer for an article in the upcoming issue of the Pioneer Press.

Greg Newlin reported that he had removed one of the rose bushes and trimmed the other roses outside the Historical Museum, and Joyce mentioned that Eldon Olberding had mowed the lawn.

Under Old Business:

Three Fundraisers for 2014 were approved. Golf Tournament on June 10, 2014. Tractor Cruise on July 26, 2014. Sno-Cones at the Car Show on July 27, 2014.

Opening the Temple of Honor on Nov. 8, 2013 for school children was approved. Anita will be there, and others were asked to come in as well. Opening the Temple of Honor on Nov. 11 for Veterans Day was discussed, but it was decided that we would open it for a Veterans ceremony on Memorial Day instead.

Donations from Forbes include 49 books, and eagle, 14 ships, and a motorcycle display.

Putting water into the basement of the Temple of Honor was discussed. It was decided that a new line will need to be run.

Alma read a report from Robert Ackerman explaining the relocation of the Priest Howitzer and the Cannon. The City of Seneca will pay for the concrete pad where the Priest Howitzer will be placed. Koelzer Lumber and Suthers will bill the City of Seneca directly for lumber, re-bar, colorant and labor, with the remaining balance being billed to NCHS. Jim Koelzer is coordinating the moving of the Priest Howitzer. Dick Miller and Robert Ackerman laid the Cannon pad with conduit (donated by Harold & Joann Mitchell) in the event that we might use a spotlight on the Cannon sometime in the future. The metal cover will be installed over the Cannon. Plans are being developed for a structure with a wooden roof and plastic sides to enclose the Cannon.

Under New Business:

Greg Newlin moved and Alma Ackerman seconded a motion to extend to Diane Rottinghaus a Labor Contract in the amount of $8.00 per hour beginning January 1, 2014. Motion carried unanimously.

Alma moved and Greg seconded a motion to approve the changes in the Nemaha County Historical Society By-Laws changing the financial year to begin January 1 and end December 31 as printed. Motion carried unanimously.

Patty moved and Alma seconded a motion to approve the following slate of officers:

Anita Heiman, President

Greg Newlin, Vice President

DarlAnn Rial, Secretary

Raymond Thieme, Treasurer

Motion carried unanimously.

Anita appointed the following Administrative Staff and Directors:

Director—Diane Rottinghaus, Research—Dorothy Pearl Murphy, Scrapbook & Obituaries—Mary Steinlage, Technical Support— Patty Byers, Publicity & Public Relations—Greg Newlin, Pioneer Press—Greg Newlin, Landscaping & Lawns—Greg Newlin, Travel & Tourism—Patty Byers, Curator—Lillian Engelken, Memorials—Joyce Olberding, Bancroft Depot Museum—Freda Dobbins, Membership—Alma Ackerman, Building Maintenance—Robert Ackerman.

President Anita Heiman asked those who have museum keys to check them in for identification.

Greg Newlin moved and Patty Byers seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried unanimously.