Kelly Family Gathering – September 6 and 7, 2014

gathering of Kelly Family members is planned for September 6 and 7, 2014.


From e-mail sent by Gloria Cathcart to the Nemaha county Historical Society:

“Our Kelly ancestors came from Scotland into the area north of Seneca know as Scotch Valley in 1869 – 145 years ago. Our great great grandmother, Agnes (Gregg) Kelly, her brother James Gregg and his wife, a daughter, grandchildren and many other family relatives were buried in the Scotch Valley Cemetery.

In April of 2013 three of the descendants of Agnes had a gravestone installed as a memorial to her. There was never a gravestone for her prior to this. The stone of her daughter Sarah was also updated and some minor repairs to other stones. We were able to do this even though none of us involved live in Kansas, by working through the Nemaha County and local installer. All of this has motivated the get together this fall. 

We are planning to spend time on September 6th at Scotch Valley Cemetery and locating/visiting the farms  of at least four of the children of Agnes (Gregg) Kelly, Most of us will be staying at the Settle Inn in Seneca and we have reserved a meeting room there for the evening. This will be a time of program and informal visiting. We are planning a presentation about the Kelly family prior to coming to Kansas, one about those involved in duty for their country (especially since it is the 100th anniversary of WWI) and displays on the family. 

We do have a copy of the booklet Scotch Valley 1857-1970 compiled by Mabel Ord and others. This has been a help to us. Some of us have visited Seneca area, others have never been. Although we do not expect our group to be large, there will be family coming from California, Oregon, Washington, Missouri, and Kansas as well as others that left Kansas in the very early years of the 1900s and came to Alberta.

We are not connected with the town of Kelly.”

Gloria Cathcart
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada